Refinancing for Our Veterans


There are a number of advantages that veterans in this country have if they so choose to take advantage of them, especially when it comes to mortgage rates and refinancing. Many people have homes that have terms that are far too expensive to pay, and one group of people who should not have to pay these outrageous rates are veterans, who have literally fought and shed blood to protect the freedom that we enjoy each and every day. If you don’t know what refinancing is, it is basically taking the terms of a home loan from the past, and reformatting or fixing the loan to better terms. This is done all the time, as people refinance their home loans every single day. However, when you are talking about a veteran that is looking to refinance their home, they may have a lot better options that are available to them, which are not available to the general public.

Veteran Scenarios
Take for example a person that bought a house when they were twenty or so years old. They may have enlisted in the military and went overseas for a few terms, only to come back to the country to a regular career several years later. If this is the case, they likely will be able to refinance their mortgage, based on the fact that they are a veteran, especially if they got an honorable discharge from the military. These refinancing options are designed to give veterans the ability to have loans that are much more reasonable, as a thank you for serving our country and protecting the lives and freedom back here in the United States. If you are in this position, you may be able to get your home loan refinanced in a speedy and expedited process, which may drop the overall amount that you have to pay back each month, as well as the total amount that you owe on the house. Each case is different, so if you think that this is something that you might qualify and are interested in, you should contact a highly rated law firm, such as Flagship Financial.

Flagship Financial will be able to check out your information, make sure that you do in fact qualify for a refinance, and will be able to help you get started on the process of refinancing your home. This can take a huge burden off of someone that is having to pay a home loan that may be too much money, which may especially be true if a person went to war, or was injured in the military in any way, shape or form. There are plenty of options out there, so if you are a veteran and want to refinance, there are programs to help you do just that.

Social Security Disability and Your Rights–Appealing a Denial


The Social Security disability benefit program is for people who can no longer work due to a medical condition. The disability must be either terminal or expected to last one year or more. There is a list of qualifications that must be met at both federal and state levels before a determination of benefits is made. If the determination results in a denial of disability benefits, you have the right to file an appeal.

How Do I Appeal a Disability Benefit Determination?

Within 60 days of receipt of your denial letter, you must request an appeal online or in writing. Along with a statement that you are appealing the decision, you will also include any new information regarding your medical condition.

How Does the Appeals Process Work?

During an appeal, your claim may be presented to a new person who has not yet been involved with your claim. This person looks at the original information you presented as well as any changes in your condition. This is called a reconsideration.

If reconsideration still results in denial you have the right to request a hearing. Your hearing takes place with an administrative law judge. The judge will ask questions of you and any witnesses you present. You will also have the opportunity to personally question the witnesses. You may want to consult with a disability attorney prior to a hearing. The attorney will act as your representative; this is particularly helpful if your impairment is severe enough to prevent you from following the various steps of a hearing procedure on your own.

A decision of denial at a hearing is not the end of the process if you believe you meet the criteria to receive Social Security disability. You may ask the Appeals Council to review your case. The Appeals Council will take all claim information into consideration. At that point the Council could do one of three things: deny your request to review the appeal, have your case returned to an administrative law judge or make their own determination of your case.

You can choose to take your case to the federal court level if the Council denies either your review request or your claim–this is a final appeal. A disability attorney is best qualified to handle this type of lawsuit as the correct procedure must be followed and the process can be lengthy.


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