Why Home Alarm Monitoring is Important


Home security systems are important investments which help to protect your home from intrusion and also help to deter burglars from stealing your valuables or causing harm to your family. Security companies have come up with home alarm monitoring packages so as to ease the burden on the client.

Why is home alarm monitoring important?


Immediate crisis response

In case there is a break in and the family members are in the house, panic will arise as this is a normal human response. When many people panic, they tend to be fearful and lack the proper methods to respond to the intrusion. For homes that have subscribed to home monitoring, the security experts will immediately contact the local police in your area and they will respond immediately to eliminate the threat.


Fire and carbon monoxide emergency

Home security systems today are very advanced and they can be integrated with other components such as fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. This systems both help in detecting an emerging fire and the increasing accumulation of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas which is generated when burning items lack enough oxygen to fully combust. Since the gas is odorless, it has lead to many deaths. To avoid all the above, alarm monitoring experts will immediately notify the fire department and ambulance services who will immediately respond to the threat.


Quick response

Home security systems are known to be very effective in providing protection to the home. In case of any break ins, the home monitoring security experts will be able to know where a threat is and they will send the local authorities to the scene. Apart from quick response, the experts also act as witnesses to a crime since they have recorded the break in via the installed CCTV systems.

This will help in convicting the criminals and finally sending them to jail.


Increases your property value

Home security systems and alarm monitoring services help to increase the value of a property. This is important especially when you are intending to resale the house. The protection service will assure the new home owner that his/her family and valuables will be well protected and burglars will be prevented from breaking in.


Payment of low insurance premium

Insurance companies offer clients discounts and low insurance premium rates if they inspect and find that you have a home security system and have subscribed for alarm monitoring service. The discounts can reach up to 20% meaning you will be able to save a lot.
If your home has been broken into a couple of times, your insurance company will advise you to have a home security system and alarm monitoring service in order to protect your valuables.

Security Guard Services


If you’re a property manager or a facilities director for a company in the Los Angeles area, then you may be in charge of hiring security services for your sites. If so, there are four important things to consider before making a final decision.


Security companies can face some huge liabilities. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that they’re properly insured. In order to hold certain licenses, they need to obtain proof of insurance stating that they are covered for a specific amount. This is so injury claims or potential lawsuits can be covered, without hurting the company.


Certification and training is everything in the security business. Making sure that officers are carrying the correct permits and cards is an absolute must. If the licensing board finds out someone is working without proper documentation, it can result in heavy fines and suspensions.

Also, when it comes to carrying non-lethal weapons, having the correct training is also important. If an officer uses OC spray, a baton, or other means of self defense out in the field, they may have to go to court. Being able to show that they’ve been through classes for each weapon on their belt could prevent the officer and the company from being sued.

Presence and Appearance

It has been proven that just having an uniformed officer creating a visual presence can be a good deterrent for crime. There are several different types of uniforms to choose from when deciding what look would be best for your property.

A “hard” uniform has a strong law enforcement design, complete with a badge and utility belt. If you work in a more formal environment like a multi-story building downtown, then you might want to have a softer look for the officers. This means that they’ll wear a blazer with the badge sewn onto the jacket. This can be matched up with nice pants and dress shoes so they can be stationed in a lobby or near business offices.


Making sure that the security service you hire has strong supervision is necessary because you don’t want officers becoming too complacent. There should be a supervisor stopping by to check on the guards often, even if it’s just to see how they’re doing. Not only will this help with morale, it can allow for feedback and provide an open line of communication between the officers and management.

The bottom line is, if you’re choosing between different security services in Los Angeles, you want to meet with a branch manager or one of the sales reps to go over a list of the various things they have to offer.

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